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Raise Money for Your Cause

Engraved Bricks for Fundraising

Here at Etch-It, we have helped many different organisations ranging from sports clubs, both large and small, to hospitals and hospices, schools and colleges as well as theatres, town/village halls and local community projects, to raise thousands of pounds for their cause.

How it works, you determine the price for which each personalised brick or paver will be sold, minus the cost of manufacture and you are left with direct profit for your organisation. Engraved bricks for fundraising normally retail between £25 - £50 depending on who your potential customers are. by using our profit calculator below, you can get an idea of what price to sell your bricks for, and how many you would need to sell to reach your fundraising goal.

Getting People Involved

Engraved bricks offer such a personalised and creative way to get individuals involved and excited about your project, whats more, charities and organisations of all sizes can participate, as there is very little initial financial outlay to get your project started.


Profit Calculator

Use our simple calculator to estimate your potential profits from a buy-a-brick campaign...



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